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Everyone loves hamsters. From the Internet masses cooing over their adorable keisters to snakes who refuse to eat them, there’s something about their furry round bodies that reduces us to piles of squealing glee. They’re just so cuuuuuuuute!

And what’s the only thing cuter than a hamster? Well, if you said “Baby hamsters,” then you are clearly psychic! We’d tell you to get out of our heads, but we’re too busy “awww”ing over these photos.

Posting photos to 2Channel, the ecstatic owner of several young hamsters explained that the adorable little critters had just opened their eyes and were now scampering around the room. The cuteness was simply unbearable, so we figured we had to share the photos with our readers!

Here’s a photo of one of the babies. Apparently the hamsters were born towards the end of May, so they’re about two weeks old in the photos.

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And here are the cuties running around on a Rilakkuma carpet! As another commenter pointed out, hamsters are incredibly adorable…but also a bit smelly. According to their owner, though, hamsters’ stink is part of their charm. We wonder if he or she has spent much time in a junior high locker room–all stink, no charm!

▼But we think we can find it in our hearts to forgive them for their odor.

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▼Running in three different directions at once? Just like human kids!

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▼They eventually got tuckered out and fell asleep.

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In the midst of this epically adorable thread, another commenter pointed out that fat hamsters aren’t just cute–they’re also perfect for relaxing and relieving stress. The baby hamsters’ owner responded with this picture, writing: “I totally know what you mean. This is the fattest hamster I have, Cocoa.”

▼With a name like that…

hammies (16)

▼Although it looks like big Cocoa used to be a much slimmer Cocoa…
Well, we guess it’s true that we grow into our names!

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▼And here’s Cocoa trying to work on those New Year’s resolutions…

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▼The babies’ mother also makes an appearance! The apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree.
In the words of many a hamster fan, “kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

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▼Here’s momma hammie snuggled up with her babies.

hammies (8)

▼”I see London. I see France. I see someone’s…cute little booty!”

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▼And this is the father, doing his best impression of Sean Connery in The Rock.

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hammies (10)

▼Even as newborns, the baby hammies are surprisingly cute.

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But that wasn’t the only family of cute, furry faces on display. Another commenter showed up and uploaded photos of his or her roborovski hamsters. Robo hamsters, as they’re called in Japan, are actually the smallest of the dwarf hamsters and are known for their white “eyebrows.” The robos also apparently “run an equivalent of four human marathons each night on average,” making them both great workout buddies and great stress relievers!

▼”Hey, where’s our Nike commercial, hunh?”

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▼One of the robos, who simply refuses to sleep anywhere but on the ladder.

Hammies (19)

Apparently roborovski hamster are easily frightened and are generally not considered pets for playing with. However, the commenter also added this photo saying that if you give them a treat, they might crawl into your hand.

▼”Unnnnh! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”

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And now, dear reader, we give you the single greatest photo we’ve seen all day.

▼”Shhhh…I think we’re being watched.”

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Well, that settles it. We’re getting hamsters for the RocketNews24 office! Just don’t tell Mr. Sato that he’s got competition for the cutest furry creature in the building.

Source/Images: Hamusoku