Ever felt like you’re not getting the respect you deserve at your workplace? Personally, I’ve been lucky and never had to bear the brunt of any serious sort of disrespect at work, though I did encounter a co-worker who was always too eager to speak; he kept interrupting before I could finish saying something. One evening while working overtime, he did it again and I snapped… that guy left the company one week later. I’m pretty sure he didn’t quit because I snapped at him, though I did feel slightly guilty for losing my cool.

Some people have it harder though. A male teacher in Jiangsu Province, China, felt that he wasn’t getting enough respect from his colleagues and decided to vent his anger by urinating in his colleagues’ mugs and tumblers. Eew!

A 26-year-old teacher at a kindergarten in Lian Yun Gang City, Jiangsu Province, first found things odd when her tea started smelling funky. Initially, she thought her metal tumbler had gotten rusty after using it for a long time, so she threw away the tumbler in question and bought a new one. However, even then, the weird stench didn’t go away.

Feeling unsettled, she confided in her female colleagues, only to find out that three other teachers had experienced similar situations with their drinking ware. They reported the odd happening to the principal, after which they were given the green light to set up a camera for investigation. Installing a video recording application in one of their mobile phones, the ladies hid the camera phone behind some toys in the classroom.

When they watched the recorded footage, they found out to their shock and disgust that their male colleague, 54-year-old Mr. Gao had been sneakily approaching their drinking ware, bringing them close to his crotch and subsequently tinkling into their tea.


The four victims reported the case to the police at once. Reports say that Mr. Gao committed the disdainful act because he felt that he wasn’t respected by his female co-workers. One would probably think that Mr. Gao would be prosecuted for his petty crime, but surprisingly, he was acquitted upon medical confirmation that he did not carry any transmittable diseases. However, he was obliged to apologize to his colleagues and pay them 2,000 Chinese yuan (approximately US$321) each in compensation.

Peeing in someone’s cup is definitely not a good way to gain someone’s respect, if you ask me! Compensation or not, I don’t think I would be able to accept working with someone who peed in my mug. What are your thoughts on this case? How would you have reacted if you had been the victim? Leave us a comment below!

Source: ETtoday
Image: JSTV.com via ETtoday