The most popular images on the ‘Net are probably cats and cute girls, and the latest lovely ‘lady’ to draw the appreciative gaze of netizens is Lao Wan, the lead vocalist of a Taiwanese band called Green! Eyes. But of course, nothing is ever quite as it seems. Prepare to leave your gender preconceptions at the door.

With her beautiful oval eyes, cute smile, and fresh face, Lao Wan is clearly a natural beauty. There are photos of her with long locks, as well as rocking a bob and other short styles, showing that she’s one of those fortunate people who look good in pretty much anything. Some people have compared her to Japanese idol group AKB48’s Mariko Shinoda, another cutie who looks great with short hair.

But Lao Wan’s not a model, she’s a musician, so what about her music? Take a listen to one of Green! Eyes’ tracks below, and you might be shocked by the contrast between Lao Wan’s feminine looks and surprisingly masculine voice. Yep, this stunning girl is actually a beautiful boy!


He’s definitely got a unique style with his androgynous looks, fantastic voice, and the fact that he sings in English. And not only can he sing, but he also plays guitar! Some people are just too talented for their own good. While they don’t indulge in showy publicity or advertising, it’s no surprise that the band already has plenty of passionate fans despite not yet breaking into the mainstream.


At this point netizens are pretty used to gender-bending, androgynous beauties, so user reactions were generally positive.

Oh my god! If I hadn’t heard his voice I would have thought he was a girl.
He’s cuter than my girlfriend.
His music’s awesome too!!
It’s a shame he’s not a girl.
Of course such a cutie is a boy♪
I wouldn’t say no.


Most interest in Lao Wan has of course revolved around his feminine charm, but the recent talking point was his appearance at a Taiwanese student movement symposium held on March 18, 2014 where he gave a spirited and opinionated talk before a large audience. He seemed confused by the attention he’s received, saying ‘I don’t think my appearance is special. Actually I’m quite normal. As a musician, my music has no connection with my appearance.’ His rousing speech was received with cheers and applause, hopefully a sign of changing attitudes towards those who don’t fit into traditional gender stereotypes. Perhaps in the future we’ll even have a gender-neutral pronoun – it’d certainly make writing these articles a lot easier!

▼ Here’s a clip of his appearance at the symposium.

▼ Another live performance by Green! Eyes.

Source: RocketNews24 JP, YouTube, NOWnewsSV Music

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