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Although I’m a man who can definitely appreciate the simple joys of knocking back a can of tasty beer in my living room, every now and again it’s nice to treat yourself to a drink at a classy bar. You know, the kind with soft lighting, a gleaming wooden bar top, and a vested bartender with an ice pick working a block into a classy orb to place in your glass of whiskey.

But as impressive as a nicely rounded sphere of ice may be, it can’t hope to match the visual impact of an ice version of Japan’s famous Golden Pavilion or the Statue of Liberty that you can drop in your glass.

As part of its 3D on the Rocks ad campaign, whiskey giant Suntory has created a number of intricately designed ice cubes. Fans offered their suggested designs using the iOS app 123D Catch, after which Suntory selected the best to actually produce using 3D modeling data to carve each out of a block of ice. The most Japanese of the bunch is Kyoto’s iconic Kinkakuji, the famed temple building also known as the Golden Pavilion.

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Once the data is loaded in, the machine begins whirring and the bit chips away everything that isn’t a centuries-old cultural landmark.

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Here we see the first traces of the structure’s outline.

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▼ Detailing work along the eaves of the roof

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▼ And finally, the decorative bird atop the building, just like at the real Kinkakuji

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▼ Bottoms up!

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The technology employed by Suntory is also up to replicating the human form, as it easily spits out an ice astronaut.

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Famous works of statuary are no problem either, with these tiny frozen versions of the Nike of Samothrace and Michelangelo’s David.

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▼ We’d make a crack about how small David’s manhood is, but then again, it’s probably just his body reacting to the cold of being made out of ice.

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For those times when you need to chill your booze with something on a grander scale, Suntory also reproduced the Sphinx and Statue of Liberty.

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▼ You are free to get plastered.

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We’re sure animal lovers will like this rearing stallion, even if it does sort of look like he’s trying to escape the glass before he drowns in liquor.

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As long-established Japanophiles, we have to admit Kinkakuji is our favorite of the bunch. Our second-place trophy goes to this piece, though.

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Because really, when you walk into a bar, the only cooler order than “bourbon, on the rocks,” is “bourbon, on the shark.”

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