One Weibo user has attracted a lot of attention overnight by posting her unconventional fashion designs. She has already gained nearly 75,000 followers, even though she has only been a member for 42 days. While some think it’s all a big joke, she may just be ahead of her time.

The designer doesn’t say much about her work; most of her posts are simply captioned “my design.” She models her own works, but her face is usually expressionless. It’s not surprising, as her designs – which mostly involve balancing computer keyboards, rocks, plastic bottles, and vegetables on her head – speak so loudly.

Her user name means “Wang Shou-Ying is a fairy.” In Chinese myth, fairies were beautiful immortal beings who came from heaven. Fairies are often associated with peaches, as peaches symbolize immortality or longevity. You can see the symbolism in her hat design below.

▼ An insightful juxtaposition of traditional thought and modern life.

Peach Fairy

Don’t you think she’s not down to earth, now. The peach symbolizes heaven, and she completes the statement with a root vegetable, symbolizing earth.

▼ The phrase“tianchang dijiu” (天长地久), which contains the characters for “heaven” and “earth” means “everlasting and unchanging.”

Yam Fairy

This brings us to a common motif in her designs: permanency.

▼ It’s expected to take about 1,000 years for a plastic bottle like this to decompose.

PET Bottle Hat

▼ And what about all that plastic we use in our everyday lives? 

Plastic Bag Dress

▼ Plastic can be pretty though, and she shows us how with this garbage bag gown.

Garbage Bag Gown

▼ Here, she shows us a more playful garbage dress.

Plastic Gown

▼ If you like, you can dress it up with a fancy boa.

Cello Boa

▼ She even makes accessories to pull it all together for a night out. Why restrict footwear to the feet or chopsticks to the table? How innovative! 


▼ There is a price to pay for the rapid pace in which technology becomes obsolete, but a keyboard can still keep the rain off your head—in style!

Keyboard Hat

▼ As can an old umbrella, for that matter.

Umbrella Hat

▼ She shows us how women are often saddled by household responsibilities.Pots and Pans

▼ Why not choose items that do double-duty, like this stock pot cap? Removing the food beforehand is completely optional, as she demonstrates. Brilliant!

Cucumber Pot Hat

▼ But incorporating food isn’t limited to pots and pans. Cucumbers make great accents, like with this turban. Another plus is that she has a snack ready to go whenever she gets hungry!

Cucumber Turban

▼ In a world with a larger population than ever, food is precious. She wants us to remember what a beautiful thing a turnip can be.


▼ In fact, we should pray right now. Let’s all thank our ancestors for the legacy they left us by lighting a little incense.

Incense Hat

▼ While we’re saying thanks, don’t forget the laborers that built everything around you.

Hammer Hat

▼ And the engineers who gave us efficient light bulbs! 

Lightbulb Turban

▼ And the farmers who toil in the fields each day! 

Work Glove Hat

▼ And the workers who pulled China up by the bootstraps by taking factory jobs making cheap toys!

Toy Car Hat

▼ Don’t forget the students who study hard late into the night.

Book Hat

▼ If you’re going down to the dump to pick up some dress materials of your own, beware of the seagulls. They can be aggressive, but a ghillie suit will help you keep a low profile.

Ghillie Suit

▼ Alternately, you can become a garbage warrior and fight them off.

Garbage Warrior

▼ Or just completely gross them out by attaching some enormous but fashionable pads to your shirt.

Enormous Pad Top

▼ This looks a little familiar, though. Hmm…

Cup Hat

▼ I knew it!

Cup Noodle Cats

Constantly wearing household items, the unconcerned, expressionless faces, it’s all the same! Someone needs to track down those cats and sue them for plagiarism!

Sources: Narinari, Weibo
Images: WeiboYouTube