Though it’s not exactly the first thing that springs to mind when we think of cats–that would be cheeseburgers–our furry feline friends are certainly excellent climbers. While they can’t hold a candle to a mountain goat, their built-in climbing hooks, indomitable sense of curiosity, and incredible flexibility make them extraordinary climbers. Just ask anyone who’s tried to remove a cat after it’s scaled half way up their leg–these little cuties will stick to anything.

The above photo, which has been retweeted well over 6,000 times in the last day alone, is a perfect example of feline desire to go up!

The tweeted photo was accompanied by this explanation, in Japanese, of bouldering: “Bouldering” is a sport in which the least amount of equipment possible is used to climb rocks and stones and is a type of freeclimbing.

▼It’s also insanely cute if you happen to be a tiny, furry kitten.

If you’ve never been bouldering before, we’d definitely recommend giving it a try. It’s excellent exercise and is extremely easy to get started! Climbers tend to stay relatively close to the ground and move laterally across the rock face, so you can enjoy it even if you’re terrified of heights. You don’t even need to go outside to do it–for those of you living in Tokyo, here’s a list of about 15 bouldering gyms (Japanese only) within the city.

Japanese netizens, of course, loved the adorable photo.

“That sofa must offer excellent grip!

Where can I buy this couch??

I feel so much better after seeing this. (´∀`*))

Don’t worry. If any of you fall, I’ll catch you!

Please climb up my body too!”

Speaking of climbing up bodies, there are, of course, a plethora of climbing cat vidoes on YouTube. Here are a few of our favorites.

▼Jeez, they just shot right up the sofa! Zombie kittens would be unstoppable…..

▼When building an enclosure for cats, you wouldn’t think you’d need a mesh roof.
You’d be wrong.

Man, cats get all the cool abilities! All we got were these stupid opposable thumb and lots of folds on our brains.

Can’t we at least get their night vision? If only so we could stop falling down the stairs when we have to pee in the middle of the night. We don’t have nine lives to waste, darn it!

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Images: Twitter