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While cosmetic surgery is the certainly one of the most dramatic ways to change your physical appearance, not everyone is willing to spend the money–or lose the flesh–for a new look. And if you happen to be a bit indecisive, going under the knife probably isn’t a very good idea. Fortunately, there’s always that ancient magic that humanity has used for millennia: make-up!

There’s no doubting the power of make-up–it’s one of the oldest human institutions and widely used in nearly every known society. And even today, it still manages to maintain a slight allure of mystery–there’s something almost scandalous about seeing someone “without their face on.” Which makes finding this huge compendium of before and after photos all the more fascinating!

▼You probably didn’t even recognize Mr. Sato!


Calling it a voyeur’s delight would be going a bit far, but we can’t deny that there’s something incredibly engrossing about these photos. This is actually just a portion of the collection of make-up photos curated by a Naver Matome user in Japan.

Depicting women from around the world, the photos show just how universal–and personal–the art of make-up and can be. We’ve chosen some of the best for your consideration!

▼This is less “before and after” and more “Monday morning” and “Friday night.”

v_make (5)

v_make (1)

▼At first we thought this was mother and daughter–not the same person!

v_make (2)

v_make (4)

▼We’re not sure who this young woman is, but she has clearly mastered the art of make-up.
Either that or she’s actually a highlander and has lived since the early 20th century…

w_make (1)

▼…Through the 1980s goth scene…

w_make (21)

▼…And all the way to a 1990s prom!

w_make (27)
w_make (2)

w_make (3)

w_make (4)

▼”My, what big enormous eyes you have!”

w_make (5)

w_make (6)

▼Although we think it’s fair to say that make-up isn’t the only factor.
Sometimes a smile and the right filter can make a big difference too.

w_make (7)

▼Other times, the changes can be incredibly subtle.

w_make (9)

▼Wait, did she literally just take her glasses off and put on extensions?
Teen high school romantic comedies were telling the truth after all!

w_make (10)

▼A mohawk automatically makes anyone three times sexier. And again, a smile helps too.

w_make (11)

w_make (12)

w_make (13)

w_make (14)

w_make (15)

▼Ummm…which one is the before and which one is the after?

w_make (16)

w_make (17)

w_make (18)

w_make (19)

w_make (20)


w_make (22)

▼The right make-up can turn you into a gyaru

w_make (23)

▼…A Chinese TV announcer…

w_make (25)

▼…A sassy model…

w_make (26)

▼…Or even Lady Gaga, apparently.

w_make (28)  w_make (30)

w_make (31)  w_make (33)

▼And rounding our list is Sayuri Kokusho, a Japanese actress, singer, and the “manager of the villainous Ozaki-gun alliance” in Japanese women’s professional wrestling Oz Academy.

w_make (35)

Well, you were probably already aware of how powerful properly applied make-up can be, but now you’ll definitely never forget! It’s amazing what a bit of foundation and lipstick can do. Heck, it can even make Mr. Sato the prettiest princess at the party!

Source/images: Naver Matome
Mr. Sato image by RocketNews24