Recently, rumors abound that Kim Jong-un has been forcing all male university students to get his haircut. Whether that’s true or not (and it’s probably the latter!), the prospect of thousands of men adopting the tubby leader’s ‘do has prompted quite a lot of discussion about his haircut.

Fluffy on top and buzzed in the back, it’s like a reverse mullet—and every bit as cool! They say that fashion is cyclical, but this trend may have done a figure 8…

▼ Kim Jong-un knows what brings the ladies!

Kim Jong Un 3

Even in North Korea, the haircut is quite unique. It has been said that it suits anyone and everyone, and is universally flattering! After all, what face wouldn’t benefit from a clump of hair like a mustache glued to an egg?

But how would the style go down outside of North Korea? The Mirror’s Ben Endley decided to find out by taking to the streets of North London offering free Kim Jong-un haircuts to anyone who wanted one.

▼ Surprisingly, people were not lining up in the streets to take advantage of the offer.


▼ This guy wasn’t nearly fashion-forward enough to accept.


▼ Finally, a man who knows style when he sees it approaches.


Tired of his woman-repelling ringlets that flutter unpleasantly in the breeze, 27-year-old environmental activist Dominic Simpson jumped at the chance to get “The Dictator.”

“If it is good enough for the North Koreans it is good enough for me,” he said. 

▼ He’s looking more iron-fisted already. Rawr!


▼ ♪You can be my ru-u-u-u-uler. I can call you SUPREME LEADER. ♪

It’s only a matter of time before the ‘do is seen on every boy band member, sex symbol and male model the world over.

You see the whole adventure on video here.

Source: The Mirror
Screenshots: YouTube

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