As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. It is often in adversity that we realize who our true friends are, discover true love and learn to treasure the important people in our lives.

A young Taiwanese couple recently tied the knot, but their wedding ceremony wasn’t held at a church or some romantic venue, it was held at a hospital instead because the bride is a cancer patient with less than two months to live. True love exists, folks!

The couple – 22-year-old Xiaoyan and 24-year-old Dayan – were high school sweethearts. They once broke up when Dayan went to university, but got back together after realizing their deep love for one another.

Unfortunately, Xiaoyan was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach about a month ago. Although she generally follows a healthy diet, she started having constant stomach pains at the start of the year and taking medication didn’t seem to ease her condition. In March, her condition worsened. Detailed examination revealed that she was unknowingly in the fourth stage of stomach cancer, a hereditary illness that runs in her family, and the cancer had spread to her intestines and pelvic bone as well. She was told that she probably had less than two months to live.

Struggling with her condition, Xiaoyan suffered severe abdominal pains and often threw up. While she was in her most vulnerable state, Dayan stayed by her side and took it upon himself to take care of her. One day, when Xiaoyan was hunched over beside the toilet as she endured another round of throwing up, Dayan huddled up next to her and proposed, saying, “I’ll take responsibility for your future.” Knowing that she only had little time left, Xiaoyan was reluctant to get married, but Dayan’s unwavering love and unconditional care eventually won her over.

▼ Xiaoyan comments that she is thankful to have Dayan by her side, if not for him, she wouldn’t know how she and her mother could have handled her condition.

On the 15th of this month, the young couple seized the opportunity on Dayan’s day off from his compulsory military service and walked down the aisle and under an arch of balloons in the backyard of the China Medical University Hospital in Taichung City, accompanied by a team of 12 nurses as bridesmaids. Instead of donning a tuxedo and gown, the couple put on their old high school uniforms to commemorate their fateful meeting in high school.




Dayan asked, loud and clear like he was trained to do so in the army, “Will you marry me?” Xiaoyan couldn’t stifle a giggle, but sorrowfully said, “But I’m dying, I have only two months to live.” The young man looked at his bride lovingly and sincerely answered, “It’s all right, I’m willing to take care of you until death do us part, I do.”

Having dated for seven years, the newlywed couple is out to prove that true love can withstand much more than a seven-year-itch. Congratulations, Dayan and Xiaoyan!

Boy, it’s been a tearful week at RocketNews24 this week, hasn’t it? Life can be very fragile, yet at its most fragile moments, the most beautiful flowers may blossom. If you have a special someone, don’t sit on it, express your love today!

Source/Images: ETtoday