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The manga character Crayon Shin-chan is known for his outlandish comments and risque behavior (for a 5-year-old anyway), so it’s no surprise that when a branded pudding kit was released for him, a pair of buns was included as one of the molds.

A pudding shaped like a butt is funny enough, but one home chef decided to kick it up a notch and designed a presentation to show off those cheeks in all their jiggly glory.

Here’s what you do. First, you prepare the kit.


Then, you add milk to the mix and pour it into the molds.


Using a martini glass (because we are classy grown-ups, y’all!), add a base of more pudding or ice cream, then place the butt pudding on top. A thong made of fruit rolls or fondant adds a nice touch. Finally, some blue gelatin is added to look like water. Allow to set. Giggle to yourself.


A little mint garnish, and then… SHAKE THAT MONEYMAKER!


Genius! Any child would be thrilled to have this for dessert. And so would a lot of immature adults, like me!

If you want to try this for yourself, the pudding kits are available on Amazon Japan. Happy cooking!


Source and images: Agohige Kaizokudan