Did you know that you can grow an avocado tree from a pit by soaking it in water? It’s true! It’s easy enough that children and those severely lacking in green fingers of any kind can manage it. But Mother Nature is a weird lady, and she sometimes produces some very strange results, as one user on the Japanese message board Kinisoku recently found out.

With the comment, “Six months ago, I thought I would give growing avocados a whack, but honestly, it’s becoming a nuisance,” the user posted the following picture:


That is one loooooooooooong sprout!

Since the poster lives in a Japanese apartment, we can assume his kitchen is probably not very big, so this kind of gawky sprout would be a nuisance indeed. The poster said that he felt bad just throwing out a living thing, so he was in a bit of a bind about what to do with this Stretch Armstrong of an avocado tree.

Anyone looking to adopt a super plant?

Source: Kinisoku
Image: Aaron Fox (top), Kinisoku