It would seem that dressing your little brother up as a girl is one of the most enjoyed pastimes of elder siblings all around the world. In Japan, too, many elder sisters and brothers are putting their younger male siblings through extreme makeovers to make them pretty little ladies!

It’s kind of surprising to learn that many younger brothers, some already in their teens, seem quite willing to let their big sisters dress them up in skirts and dresses, but what’s even more surprising is that many of these “victims” actually look rather cute as girls!

I don’t have a younger brother of my own, so I’m not sure what it’s like to have one, but I do remember having fun playing hairdresser with my younger cousin when we were kids, tying his hair into multiple little pigtails. I guess if I had a little brother I would most likely have attempted to dress him up as a girl just like some of these Japanese Twitter users did!

▼ “I got my little brother to dress as a girl hahaha”


▼ “I dressed my little brother up as a girl and he looked amazing!”


▼ “Halloween’s a day to have fun with making your younger brother cross-dress, right?”


▼ “I made my younger brother cross-dress LOL his eyes look exactly like mine LOL”


▼ “I made my younger bother cross-dress hahaha
Damn he’s cute!
Why wasn’t I born with this face!?”


▼ “This was taken when I made my little brother cross-dress!”


▼ Elder sister (left), younger brother (right)


▼ “Well that’s ‘cos he has a girl’s face LOL This was when I dressed him up as a girl when he was in sixth grade!”

pZqVoaOdkKOVp6g Twitter

▼ “I made my younger brother dress as a girl LOL He turned out quite the ladyboy ROFL my stomach hurts LMAO”


▼ “I dressed my younger brother, who is secondary 3, as a girl and he looked so cute we couldn’t stop laughing LOL”

pZqVoaaakKOVqKQ Twitter

▼ Some siblings helped their little brothers with cross-dressing cosplay.


▼ “I forced my little brother to cosplay but it wasn’t a bad choice after all LOL”


▼ “[Cosplay warning] Yes, behold, my younger brother’s Mio cosplay
By the way, he’s a 13 year old boy in secondary 1!
Next I’ll make my other younger brother cross-dress!”


▼ It seems not just elder sisters are into this stuff… this boy’s alluring cross-dressing photo was apparently the work of his big brother! Why are we not surprised?


Looking at these pictures made me wish that I had a younger brother to toy with dote on! Have any of you made your younger siblings cross-dress, or ever been at the receiving end of such maniacal requests? Share your experience in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News