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Normally, cosplaying isn’t something generally considered to put you at risk of bodily harm. Sure, there’s the odd horror story of a would-be Jedi’s lightsaber being confiscated at the airport or a Metal Gear Solid cosplayer nearly getting into an all-out gun battle with a SWAT team (who are only familiar with Call of Duty).

Well, we don’t actually know if that last scenario has ever happened, but we’re certain if there’s one thing you might want to think twice about cosplaying as, it’s a ruthless dictator and known human rights violator. Like, for example, if you’re going to the Comic Con as the sometimes adorable, sometimes terrifying leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, you might want to be careful the costume isn’t so good that people actually think you’re the real deal.

Keep in mind, after all, it was Jong-un’s extensive early study abroad experience that led people to hope he might be a little more respectful of internationally-established human rights than his father was, so it’s not inconceivable that the real McCoy might just take a jaunt out to the Philippines for some sushi, as depicted in this uncannily accurate cosplay:


The cosplayer is actually the friend of a Redditor, who posted the picture on the popular Internet forum, and where it actually attracted some concern from other Netizens that wondered if a particularly gullible human rights activist might some day dish out some vigilante justice on the hapless impostor.

For our money, while the hair and costume are spot on, the cosplayer and Jong-un don’t really look that much alike. But then again, we’ve never seen the real Jong-un in person and they do say the shoddy Cold War-era cameras of North Korea each add 10 pounds…

Source: Byoukan Sunday