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There’s a long-running debate over whether or not Sailor Moon is actually for little girls. On the one hand, the series’ core cast of heroines are all 14-year-olds, and the magazine the comic was originally serialized in, Nakayoshi, has elementary and middle schoolers as it target demographic.

Still, the legions of adult Sailor Moon fans around the world would argue the story has plenty of witty self-referential humor and mature content, including romance and violence. Why, just look at Sailor Saturn, whose powers of death and destruction give her the capability to annihilate entire worlds.

Of course, the character doesn’t look nearly so intimidating when she’s being cosplayed as by an adorable toddler.

Fancy Frontier, Taiwan’s largest anime convention, recently wrapped up its two-day festivities. Like similar gatherings in other countries, Fancy Frontier is a chance for fans to gather, shop for the latest goodies from their favorite series, and show off their animation and video game-inspired costumes.

A quick look at the event’s official Facebook page turns up amazingly intricate creations, not to mention cosplayers showing off their impressive physiques in revealing outfits. The real show-stealer, though, was this pint-sized Sailor Moon fan.

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At first glance, one might mistake her costume for the titular heroine herself, the flower-shaped sleeves are clearly those of Sailor Saturn’s uniform.

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The tiny fan can also be seen wielding Sailor Saturn’s Silence Glaive.

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▼ In the anime, when Sailor Saturn swings the weapon, it causes the destruction of planets.
Here, it just make everyone go, “Awwwwww, isn’t she precious?”

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▼ A cute cannon for a cute kid

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Sailor Saturn wasn’t the only character to show up at Fancy Frontier in child form, though. Another girl of similar age was in attendance dressed as rhythm guitarist Azusa from cute-girls-occasionally-playing-music anime K-On!

▼ They even got the coloring on her guitar right.

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And of course, wherever you find anime, you’re not far away from Attack on Titan.

Levi’s as well known for his lack of height as his love of ascots, two aspects this kids nailed.

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Still, little Sailor Saturn seemed to make the biggest impression on her fellow convention-goers as she dashed around the venue, whether in search of a place to play or just more candy.

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While we’re pretty sure her parents like Sailor Moon as much as she does (if not more), there’s no mistaking that the kid is having a blast.

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Honestly, we think it’s going to be hard to talk her into wearing normal clothes again after so much fun and attention.

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Source: IT Media
Images: Fancy Frontier Official Facebook Page