Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries: the big three gift-giving occasions.

“Happy Anniversary, honey!” you say to each other, eagerly awaiting the moment you can unwrap the special gift your sweetheart thought of this year. For girls, diamonds are always well-received, but something original, something that no one else has, is perhaps even more memorable than that shiny stone. A photographer in China has attracted the attention of the netizens around the world for his romantic, yet questionable anniversary gift.

Creepy or cute? You decide!

Mr. Wan, a wedding photographer from Zhengzhou in Hunan, China has been with his girlfriend for four years. As a photographer, it only makes sense that he use his talents in an especially original anniversary gift. Using the pictures that were taken of his girlfriend when she was young, he photoshopped his current self into several of them. The results are…varied.

Is this your slipper, my lady?



Wo xihuan ni….I like you! I love you!




Roses are red, violets are blue, my hair is yellow, but my feelings are true!



I have something even greater planned for next year, darling.


The pictures started spreading when Mr. Wan posted the pictures on his Weibo (Chinese microblogging site) account. Normally, he posts pictures of his work there; he must have thought this was no different!

While many people think that this is an extremely romantic and cute present, there is always the other side of the coin.

“It is extremely disturbing.”
“Delete the man from the pictures!”
“Why would someone do this? Jeezus”
“Gross! Gross! Gross!”
“Can’t stand to look at them even for a second!”

Public opinion may be varied, but to tell the truth, we aren’t even sure how his girlfriend feels about this gift. And in the end, it’s only her opinion that really matters, right?

Images: Weibo
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