No, me neither, but now you can get just that on a T-shirt!

If you’ve been looking for the right way to express your admiration for Apple’s legendary CEO, wait no longer! Now you can get the genderswitched Jobs shirt you’ve always wanted! From the illustrator of IS <Infinite Stratos> and the Xenosaga series, this merchandise for unlikely mash-up manga Chocolate Apple has been years in the making.

Chocolate Apple is a 2011 manga biography of Steve Jobs, but it’s not the manga biography of Jobs you’ve heard of (that would be Mari Yamazaki’s version of Walter Isaacson’s official biography). Nope. It’s a manga biography in which Steve is, for some reason, depicted as a sexy Japanese girl. The manga artist is CHOCO, giving us the title CHOCOLATE APPLE.

I bet that took them at least 4 minutes to think up.


In the manga – and new accompanying T-shirts – Steve is reimagined as Jobko (ko being a common ending of female last names in Japan). The reasoning behind making the entrepreneur-inventor into a young female character might be a mystery, but Jobs’s love of Japan is well-documented. He was a practicing Zen Buddhist, and sushi and sashimi were his only divergences from an otherwise strict vegan diet.

I do wonder what he would have made of these shirts, though…

Yours for a mere 3,750 yen (about US $37). Scowl not included.


▼They should’ve called her Steve-ko. Missed a trick there.


Source: NetLab
Top image: NetLab. Other images: CHOCOLATESHOP