It’s an indisputable fact that the Internet loves cats. But does the Internet love fat cats too? The answer is yes! Japanese netizens have been amazed and smitten by Kintoki, possibly the biggest house cat we’ve ever seen on Twitter. Check out this larger-than-life kitty!

I am a proud owner of a big bunny. She’s almost the size of the regular-sized stray cats I see wandering around my neighborhood (though being a rabbit she has shorter legs than a cat), and weighs about 6kg (13lbs), which is pretty huge for a normal domestic rabbit. Everyone who has seen her goes “oh my god she’s so fat!”, even my very own sister came home one day after interacting with her friend’s pet rabbit and told me with a horrified look on her face, “I just realized how fat your bunny is”. Gee, thanks.

As you can imagine, being the “mum” of an oversized fur-kid, I got slightly skeptical when I first saw Kintoki’s pictures. I thought, maybe it’s just the angle. But as I scrolled through more pictures, I felt a mixed emotion of astonishment and an odd sense of relief wash over me. I feel bad for using the word “fat” to describe a stranger’s pet, but “chubby” just doesn’t cut it for this 15kg (33lbs) colossal feline!

▼ When Kintoki was a kitten…
▼ Kintoki now…
▼ Still looking cute despite his super size!
▼ This is the photo that made Kintoki rocket to fame on Twitter. Kintoki lying beside a one-litre drink carton.
▼ That’s a two-litre PET bottle standing next to Kintoki.
▼ Kintoki weighs as much as a child! Mind-blown yet?
▼ Kintoki’s owner calls this the Kintoki Cushion!Bl6bP_XCUAAHmpE

▼ His owner has three cats, Yun (top), Fua (middle) and Kintoki (bottom).BhDuS-TCQAEa9bK

▼ They get along really well. Fua is the youngest. Yun looks pretty big too, but Kintoki takes the crown.


▼ This was when Fua was still a kitten. Snuggling up to Kintoki must’ve been really warm and cozy!BPvIxJ6CEAAPKW_

▼ Fua’s growing fast!BazsEmLCcAAJVGc

▼ Kintoki loves hugs!BlqkD7jCUAE0imo


Kintoki is definitely the fattest cat I’ve seen, and a charming one at that! How I wish my chubby bunny could meet this chubby kitty! Just for the record, I’m not endorsing the idea of keeping oversized pets, any vet would probably say it’s not good for the pet’s health. However, if the pet is enjoying life and its owner is happy with keeping a gigantic ball of cuteness, then who’s to judge, right?

If you, like me, haven’t had enough of Kintoki’s lovable pictures, follow his owner on Twitter!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Twitter (1, 2)