It’s been nearly a month since Japan was struck by the disgusting napolitan (pasta) flavored Gari Gari Kun popsicles. What began as some frivolous fun by makers Akagi Nyugyo messing around with new flavors, has result into numerous instances of snack-related trauma among the populace.

Ice candy sellers have been quick to respond to this disaster. At 7-Eleven, a super delicious Gari Gari Kun snack was promptly released based on their exclusive line of cream puffs. Other convenience stores, however, were not so lucky and had to resort to more drastic measures, namely big, big savings on remaining stock.

The above image taken inside a Lawson Station convenience store was tweeted along with the caption: “Hey Lawson, you okay saying something like that? lolololololol”

Gari Gari Kun
Stew Flavor and Napolitan Flavor
Since they are super-disgusting, half off!!
128 yen (US$1.25) → 64 yen ($0.62)

Although it might be a risky move for a store to bad-mouth its own stock, they seemed to have realized that the cat was out of the bag and April Fool’s Day was long gone for them to be used as gag-gifts.

For those new to the “trilogy of shock” line of Gari Gari Kun ice pops, it all started when the brand released a corn flavored version that took the country by surprise and them by storm. A run on the yellow bars caused shops to run out in no time. A reissue was made to great fanfare.

Emboldened by their success, Akagi Nyugyo slowly grew a little mad. Later on, they released a potato stew popsicle which certainly tasted like stew with the savory taste of vegetables, but it had little rubbery pieces of “potato” inside that began to turn some off. Although not nearly as delicious as the corn soup Gari Gari Kun, there were a scattering of fans for this flavor.

Finally the death knell came in the form of a napolitan flavored ice snack. “Napolitan” is just the Japanese version of your standard spaghetti and tomato sauce. It’s an unassumingly tasty dish by itself, but when put in popsicle form…

It’s like taking some spaghetti and a jar of store bought tomato sauce, cooking it, then placing it in a plastic bag and dunking it into a lake in early February for several hours. After all that you then take it and make a smoothie using soy milk, but you don’t blend it too much! You still want to keep a few hard bits of unidentifiable red things inside. Doing all that should recreate the experience of a Gari Gari Kun Napolitan.

Alright then, I think I’ve done my part of setting the bar low enough that you might actually be impressed with a Gari Gari Kun Napolitan. Now, go out there and buy one for only 64 yen, if you happen to live near a Lawson like this.

Source: Twitter via Hamu Soku (Japanese)
Napolitan Image: Wikipedia – OiMax