With the recent announcement of a security vulnerability in Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer (IE), media outlets in Japan have been sounding the alarm for those who haven’t bailed on the beleaguered browser long, long ago.

As you might expect, a significant portion of IE users aren’t the most tech savvy people and use it simply because it’s Window’s default browser. So when the TV starts telling them to “change IE to another browser such as Google Chrome” they really should provide more explanation.

If not, you get what happened in the image above that was tweeted by a younger sibling earlier this week.

Concerned with her computer’s safety this budding IT expert dutifully changed the text of her IE shortcut icon to “kuromu” (Chrome) as she was told. This simple yet elegant solution earned over 13,000 retweets and the admiration of commenters cheering “Cute!” and “I want a sister like that!”

It’s said that the vulnerability exists in all versions of IE from 6 to 11 and can allow hackers to take control of your computer if you visit a malicious website. How great would it be if changing the name of a shortcut icon somehow fixed the problem by random fluke?

It couldn’t hurt, but for the diehard IE fans who want to continue using it without worry, just head down to the Microsoft website and get the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.0.

Source: Twitter via Kinisoku (Japanese)