Wouldn’t Nintendo characters look cool dressed up as other game characters? Take a look at these brilliant illustrations that prove just how great an idea it is.

Graphic designer/illustrator Jorge Vargas posted his work in an album of video game mash-ups on the website Behas, an online showcase for creative work. The beautifully shaded illustrations imagine some of the most famous Nintendo game characters cosplaying as other characters, and the results are fantastic. Take note Nintendo, there could be a new franchise idea in this!

Check out his page for more incredible work from this talented artist.

▼ Toad cleverly accessorizing his mushroom to turn himself into a Piranha Plant (Super Mario Bros).


▼ Everyone’s favourite Pokemon Pikachu looks adorably angry as Rush from Megaman.


▼ Bomberman flexes his muscles as Ryu from Street Fighter.


▼ A totally bad ass Peach from Super Mario Bros as Sakura from Street Fighter.


▼ Tough guy Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog as fellow anthropomorph Falco from Starfox.


▼ His costume may not be from Nintendo, but Kirby means serious business as a Space Marine.


What other combinations of characters would you like to see?

Source: Kotaku JP
Images: Jorge Vargas