In most countries, if an outer train door broke they’d stop the train until it was fixed. But this is Japan, and they have a schedule to keep! And so one poor station worker ended up wishing he’d stayed home that day after clearly losing at rock, paper, scissors…

When a train door broke at Nishifunabashi station on the Musashino Line, the station workers had to make good and do with what they had. And what they had apparently wasn’t much, as their barrier consisted of a guy standing there with a bit of yellow plastic. This doesn’t exactly seem like the safest option for a clearly packed train, but being a station worker in Japan is serious business, and these guys are probably solid as a rock after pushing people into sardine-can carriages all day. The train arrived safely at its destination, and has now hopefully been fixed – or maybe they’ll just stick with the doorman.

The best part, as usual, is the reactions of Japanese Netizens:

He’s a real doorman!! (hurr hurr)

Station guy: ‘Don’t push me! Seriously, don’t push me!’

That’s pretty dangerous.

I’d be scared to ride it, but I want to experience it once lol

I feel like this has happened before… (It has…)

The Musashino Line, line of cancelled trains, is actually doing its job…?!

Didn’t this happen on another old train? Hurry up and get new trains already!

We don’t need no doors!

This is just a normal day for the Musashino line.

The passengers have this guy’s life in their hands.

Child: ‘Daddy’s back! How was work? What did you do today?’
Dad: ‘*mumble*…Door.’
Child: ‘Wha?’
Dad: ‘*mumble*…Door.’


That’s different! lmao What a hero!

Will he get danger pay?

Station guy: ‘I myself shall be the door!’

▼ All the other workers are just glad it’s not them as they wave him off from the safety of the platform. Ittarasshai!


Source: Hamu Soku