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Anyone who has ever owned a cat will know of their fondness for boxes, pots, pans, and bags — if an object can in any way become a bed, fort, or platform to sit on, they’ll claim it. They are also, as cat owners will no doubt have noticed, at once both deceptively long animals (when they stretch out or are held vertically, they magically unfold like some kind of fur-covered extendable ladder) and yet can squeeze into some of the smallest spaces imaginable.

With that in mind, and because a) it’s the weekend and b) they’re just so cute, here’s a little selection of photos of cats making pots their own.

▼ “Your dinner can wait. I am napping.”

nko 4

▼ “As can your tea.” Seriously, how can that be comfy!?

neko 6

▼ We suppose this is only fair now that winter is over and nabe stews are off the menu

neko 12

▼We get it, it’s nearly summer…

neko 9

▼ This portly fellow’s pretending he’s at an onsen.

neko 14

▼ Buta-neko!!!

neko 13

▼ “C’mon, put the lid back on, I’m not ready to get up yet!”

neko 11

▼ Seriously, how did he get in there? Does he even have a body??

neko 10

▼ “No more room, eh? Well, I’ll just go on top…”

neko 8

▼ “Yes, I am in the rice cooker. No, you may not cook me.”

neko 7

▼ This little guy on the right seems to be concerned that he hasn’t chosen well.

neko 5

▼ “In ma bowl. Bliss.”

neko 2

▼ Family time

neko 1

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Source and images: Kinisoku