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People in Japan are going crazy for straw art

May 11, 2014


A lot of unusual art trends have been popping up in Japan lately. From lattes to nails, dextrous Japanese artists are continuing to impress us with creative touches that take things to a whole new level. Now drinking straws are taking centre stage, with their colours and curves twisted into lifelike animals, mythical beasts and cute animated characters.

We take a look at some amazing designs and see how it’s done with an easy-to-follow video tutorial.

One of the current masters of the straw is an artist who goes by the name of TAO. His collection of dragons is particularly impressive, featuring a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Insects also look good, thanks to straw materials. The detail in each leg is carefully cut by hand.

The extent of TAO’s attention to detail can be seen here, on the belly of this unusual fellow created from a yellow-and-blue IKEA straw. Can you guess what this one is?

It’s a little pill bug! Although they look like insects, these guys are actually more closely related to lobsters and crabs. Other interesting facts: their blood is blue and they can drink through their anuses.

Taking flight, TAO takes us to the animated fantasy realm with some intricate winged characters.

And a cute superhero.

Proving he has a sense of humour, TAO entertains with some colourful, long-limbed characters, reminiscent of the inflatable stick figures outside car yard sales.

He also has some beautiful, simple designs that would make perfect accessories.

TAO often travels around with a stall, where you will be able to purchase some of his artwork. If you’re lucky, he might even teach you how it’s done.

To get started on the craft, check out the video tutorial below. You’ll be able to create a plastic prawn like this one, complete with incredibly lifelike moving legs!

All you’ll need is a straw, a pair of scissors and a good deal of patience (and skill!). Enjoy!

Source: IT Media Inc.
Top Image: Yoblog
Inset images: Facebook Straw Art TAO