We previously thought that pets didn’t have the slightest clue or opinion about their haircuts, but this dog, Jin Dan, just proved us wrong!

This little Pomeranian apparently got so upset with his new haircut that he started standing and walking around on his hind legs after he got back from the groomers’! He persisted with this awkward, two-legged posture for a couple of days, looking like a possessed teddy bear trying to pick a fight.

The temperature has been gradually rising as of late as spring slowly melts into the impending summer heat. To prepare for the coming season, Jin Dan’s owner took her precious fur-kid to the groomers to get a shave. When Jin Dan came home and saw himself in the mirror, he was so shocked, he stood up on his hind legs and refused to come down to all-fours.

▼ Jin Dan before his haircut.

▼ Jin Dan rebelling in the wake of his haircut.


Growing increasingly concerned for her pooch, Jin Dan’s owner posted online seeking advice from other pet owners. She also tried putting clothes on Jin Dan and taking the pup out for walks, but even then, the traumatized dog reportedly refused to walk like a normal dog would.

▼ Jin Dan’s owner made Jin Dan wear some clothes…

▼ …but the clothes wouldn’t stay closed due to Jin Dan’s standing posture.

▼ Some netizens commented that Jin Dan resembled Kon from BLEACH.


▼ “Did you think I can’t walk on my hind legs outdoors? Hmph!”

▼ Even when he got tired, he’d just lean against a wall and rest.

▼ A creative netizen edited Jin Dan’s photo to make him look like a flasher! Now that’s truly creepy…

Jin Dan’s owner eventually took him to the vet, who said that the Pomeranian was probably psychologically affected by his haircut, and advised her to interact more with her pet. It took a couple of days, but eventually Jin Dan’s expression softened up, and he finally went back to walking on four legs like a normal, non-terrifying dog.



Some skeptical netizens believe that the owner deliberately made Jin Dan stand on his hind feet for the photographs, luring him to stand with treats, while others chose to laugh it off, commenting that the little canine must have attained enlightenment and has started to turn “human”. Has your pet reacted to their haircut in any odd ways? Share your story in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Baidu, Weibo