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China’s Huizhou can count several water-based tourist stops within its expansive city limits. Nearby Daya Bay is dotted with islands and beaches, and the town’s hot springs’ mineral contents are said to soothe a number of ailments.

Recently, Huizhou’s waters once again attracted attention, although not necessarily of the positive sort, when one of its rivers suddenly turned a vibrant hue of red.

A storm passed through Huizhou on May 11, dropping record levels of precipitation on the city of 4.6 million residents. Soon after the rain stopped, one photographer made his way to the banks of a river, where was shocked to see it had changed color.

The man snapped a series of photographs and uploaded them to the Internet, while the local authorities dispatched a team of specialists to search for the cause of the startling change.

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Despite how it may look, the blood-colored river is not, in fact, the result of the storm destroying a mystical seal and freeing an ancient lich from its bindings. Nor was it traced to a group of kids with a ludicrous amount of Kool-Aid and a tragic lack of drinking cups.

Instead, investigators say their investigation has them looking at a factory upstream involved in dying processes. They say it’s highly likely that the facility dumped a large quantity of waste water into the river during the storm, falsely believing that the substantial extra rainwater would dilute it enough to cover the company’s tracks.

▼ In other words, had Huizhou not been in the middle of its most severe storm in years, the river would look even worse.

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Sadly, this seems to be becoming a regular occurrence, prompting locals to give the body of water the inglorious nickname of “The Multi-Colored River.” Photos taken at a different time reveal its waters have previously turned an unnaturally bright, and opaque, blue.

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For the time being, the authorities have halted operations at the dying facility, and have pledged to carry out a swift investigation and deal with other violators in the same manner. Here’s hoping Huizhou has clear skies until investigators can sort things out.

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Source: Niconico News
Images: My Go QQ