As Japanese and Chinese netizens’ fervour for Prosecutor General of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya shows no signs of abating and has inspired anime fan art that has overtaken her online presence, we bring you a selection of other beautiful digital artworks from the creator of one of the stunning anime-inspired depictions of Ms. Poklonskaya that’s been gaining so much attention.

The illustrations are the work of a mystery Russian artist, whose name is rendered in Japanese as Iira. A long-term anime fan, Iira creates new digital images every day. While Iira has yet to reach the dizzying levels of internet fandom that Natalia Poklonskaya has attained, these pics are certainly worthy of your online attention!

First up, the Crimean Lady herself. Iira has rendered Ms. Poklonskaya with almost feline-tinged features: steely-eyed and ready to take on the world (and its news teams).


We absolutely love it, one of our favorites! Now take a look at some of Iira other works:










▼ Time for a smoke, with this smouldering anime-eyed rendering of that iconic poster.




 ▼ Iira’s appreciation for Japanese imagery is loud and clear in this striking spring-time set-up.




 ▼ This one’s a bit kitten-like, too…


As you might expect, Japanese netizens were very approving:

“They’re like oil paintings!” 

“Their eyes look Japanese, but their noses are realistic. Cool!”

“Like Japanese paintings… but Western.”

“I love this kind of stuff, but you don’t see it so much any more, really.”

Well, for the most part, anyway:

“Better than I thought. I don’t hate it.”

What do you make of Iira’s artwork? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Source and images: kinisoku