b elsa - frozen

Do you find it slightly disappointing that after all these years, Disney has never made a live-action film featuring the much adored Disney Princesses? I certainly do.

Well, as common nobodies we might not have the ability to start a production for live-action Disney Princess movies, but there is something we all have – our imaginations! Indonesian graphic designer Thomas Kurniawan combined his imagination with some nifty photo-manipulation skills to create these convincing live-action Disney Princess “movie posters”! Check them out!

The 13 enchanting princesses (if you include Frozen’s Anna and Elsa) are arguably one of the biggest franchises among Western animation works, widely loved by children and adults all around the world. In any animation-turned-live-action production, the trickiest part is, perhaps, casting for the perfect real life doppelgänger of a popular character.

Would you watch a live-action Disney Princess flick if the princesses were portrayed by these characteristic celebrities?

▼ Emma Watson as Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

B ariel-New

poster mermaid

▼ Taylor Swift as Cinderella (Cinderella)

b cinderella - Taylor

▼ Lily Collins/Kristen Bell as Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
b belle

beauty and the beast blog

▼ Katy Perry/Christina Aguilera as Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
b Snow white

snow white2

▼ Amanda Seyfried as Merida (Brave)

▼ Angelina Jolie/Naya Rivera as Pocahontas (Pocahontas)
pocahontas ala TK

pocahontas poster

▼ Diana Agron as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
b Sleeping Beauty

▼ Aishwarya Rai/Gal Gadot as Jasmine (Aladdin)
jasmine blog

b Princess Jasmine

▼ Hayden Panettiere as Rapunzel (Tangled)
rapunzel wallpaper blog copy

tangled poster blog c

▼ Lucy Liu/Wei Tang as Mulan (Mulan)
mulan lucy liu blog

blog poster Mulan

▼ Melissa Benoist as Anna (Frozen)
b Anna - frozen

▼ Scarlett Johansson/Angelina Jolie as Elsa (Frozen)
b elsa - frozen

B_Elsa Jolie

▼ Not an official princess, but,
Suri Cruise as Sofia (Sofia the First)
b sofia

What do you think of Thomas’ princess choices? We’re definitely convinced by these amazing digital manipulation works! Too bad they’re not the real deal… but on the brighter side, at least we’re getting to witness the magnificence of Maleficent on-screen this year, and Cinderella set to hit theatres in 2015!

To see more of Thomas Kurniawan’s masterpieces, check out his portfolio!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Thomas Kurniawan’s Portfolio