13 duckings - YouTube.clipular
It’s the weekend! Time to kick back, relax, and watch a few baby ducks chase after a full-grown man. A total of 13 little ducklings, to be exact!

A couple of days ago, we saw a dog who thinks she’s a cat. Today, however, feast your eyes on the incredible sight of these baby ducks waddling after a man whom they think is their mum!

Matthew Sargent posted this video of his neighbor with the batch of ducklings he rescued recently when the mother duck was found dead. To be more specific, this duckling hero rescued a duck’s nest containing 13 unhatched eggs. He then popped the eggs into an incubator until they hatched. The little fellas thought this man was their mother, and now they refuse to let him go out of sight, following closely behind him everywhere he goes!

Please excuse us for a moment… our hearts just exploded due to the overload of cuteness. Have an enjoyable weekend, folks!

Source: ETtoday
Image: YouTube