cat peeking out under iMac, apple computer

Even before the days of YouTube and news blogs, we humans all knew that cats, whether directly or indirectly, have a propensity for disrupting whatever activity you’re trying to focus on. Of course the internet helps with this too, A LOT. Heck, this article is probably keeping you from work right now!

Take Setsu-chan for example, a former stray who was adopted by doting Twitterer Mino (@mino_rs). Photos of this blue-eyed beauty acting cute, distracting his owner, and well, being a cat, are fast becoming an online hit. One serendipitous photo belies his natural exquisiteness, however, and this rib-tickling shot has been retweeted over 15,000 times. How does this cat from Japan manage to look like your proverbial wasted business man on the Yamanote line?

▼ Meet Setsu, affectionately known as Setchan!

white cat with blue eyes, sitting on chair

Setchan is absolutely cute, but a little different than my own cat who likes to interrupt my work flow by quietly approaching me from the side of my L-shaped desk, then sturdily planting her front paws on my typing arm before snuffling my neck and clawing up my shoulder. If I step away, the telltale pingpingpingpingping soon informs me that she’s on the Enter key, and I desperately pray that she hasn’t learned any shortcuts. By all means, this is typical behavior; plenty of cats love sleeping on keyboards and warm laptops. Setsu on the other hand is clearly a fan of Opposite Day though:

white cat sleeping under keyboard, mac

▲ According to Mino, Setchan even sleeps through the most fervent of typing sessions!

By far, the most popular tweet involves his outrageously funny sleeping face, which alone is enough to distract the owner for hours. As a playful young fuzzball, comments from fans were replete with, “How precious!” and “What an angel!” So is Setsu just getting old? Apparently not, because upon closer inspection of Mino’s Twitter feed, we learn that Setchan had been practicing for this face since his spring kitten years.

▼ Not yet…

white cat with tongue sticking out

▼ Almost there…

tired sleepy cat with tongue sticking out

▼ And in three, two, one…

white cat sleeping with tongue out

▼ BAM!

funny cat sleeping with eyes open

Has he been hitting a bottle of Nyan Nyan Nouveau? He could definitely use one to celebrate his retweet milestone. Meanwhile, her other cats, Ran and Fuku, may be a little envious of the attention.

▼ Ran: So this is how you choose to introduce me to the world.

black cat sitting up, crotch shot

▼ And Fuku: A blurry one. Really?

striped Siamese point coloration cat

These three are beautiful and adorable, like all cats out there, and we certainly look forward to this clan’s future antics. A different tweet revealed that in the past, one of them has destroyed Mino-san’s graphics tablet. But as one cat-loving Twitterer notably commented, “Cats are so cute, you can forgive anything! Sigh, death by cat would be a dream come true.” Um, check please!

Sources: Hamster Sokuhou , Twitter
Images: Twitter