I have a little game I sometimes like to play where I compare Japanese people I see on the street with American celebrities and friends. I once had a Japanese acquaintance who was a dead ringer for Nathan Lane, for example, and a popular Japanese comedian reminds me a whole lot of a childhood friend.

Of course, it’s not like these guys were going out of their way to look like Westerners; they just happened to have similar features. But there’s a whole other class of Japanese, Koreans and other East Asians that spend an exorbitant amount of time and money trying to get that Hollywood look – from wardrobe changes to hair dying, even skin bleaching and plastic surgery.

Results are typically mixed, but one South Korean woman apparently hit the jackpot in her quest to look like Australian model Miranda Kerr – because, after numerous plastic surgeries, she’s pretty well on her way to looking like Kerr’s long-lost twin.

▼ See? We weren’t kidding!


The Korean model, Hong Yuh Reum, was featured on a Japanese TV special about plastic surgery recently, where she admitted Kerr was her inspiration for undergoing surgery in the first place.

On the show, she said of Kerr, “It really struck me when I first saw her in a magazine. She has a baby face but she’s very sexy. I knew I wanted to be like her!

Even as the show focused primarily on the myriad dangers of plastic surgery up to and including death from surgical complications, Reum was damn near bubbling over with praise for the practice, attributing going under the knife to much of her current success as an international model. It probably helped that Reum seems to have undergone surgery sparingly and settled for a rough facsimile of her idol, while others have – less successfully – gone for more literal interpretations.

We have to say that Reum, for once, actually makes a pretty good case for the benefits of a little surgical touching up, although judging from before pictures, it was far from necessary in the first place.


Source: ModelPress
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