The other day, a Kyoto branch of popular gyūdon (beef bowl) fast-food chain Sukiya ran into some trouble. We’ll let you know upfront that the shop was not invaded by a clan of ninja, nor by a stampede of ravenous gaijin. And no, it had absolutely nothing to do with a Godzilla attack.

No, dear readers, the truth was something far more ominous. 

The sticky situation that this Sukiya branch got themselves into was completely unforeseen by anyone, including the staff: they ran out of one-yen coins!

Most of the time, those pesky little one-yen coins are more of a bother than anything. A handful of them isn’t enough to buy you anything at a convenience store, and you can’t even use them in vending machines. Instead, they tend to just accumulate in your pockets, which it why it boggles our minds that a restaurant could actually run out of them.

That’s why diners with a surplus of one-yen coins must have been happy to empty their pockets when they saw the following sign at a Sukiya shop in Kyoto:


We’ve run out of one-yen coins

At the moment, we’re only serving people with four or more one-yen coins so that we can return the correct change. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your cooperation. Thank you.

Sukiya, Enmachi branch

We feel bad for all the people without enough one-yen coins who were just really craving some gyūdon, but oh well, these things happen. Shikata ga nai (“it can’t be helped”). We’re sure they were able to find another fast-food place in the area to satisfy their growling stomachs.

Source: Hamusoku
Images: HamusokuWikipedia (Masa)