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Japan’s currently in the middle of a heat wave, with temperatures about eight degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) higher than usual for this time of year. The heat’s supposed to stick around for a few more days, after which we’ll be right into the extremely humid rainy season, swiftly followed by the soaring temperatures of midsummer.

In other words, a lot of people are looking to stay cool right now, and one of the best ways to do that is with a bowl of chilled noodles. One amateur chef, though, figured out a way to add a little escapist entertainment to her escape from the heat by arranging her meal into an amazing recreation of one of the characters from cycling anime Yowamushi Pedal.

Yowamushi Pedal, like a lot of other anime and manga, focuses on a timid high school student who makes friends and finds himself through extracurricular activities. In the case of the series’ protagonist Sakamichi, his path to personal growth begins when he joins his school’s bicycle racing club, where he meets upperclassman Yusuke Makishima.

▼ Sakamichi (left) and Yusuke (right)

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Yusuke’s got a pretty colorful character design, with vibrant green hair with red streaks and the bright yellow logo of his team on the front of his jersey. The whole palette, though, can be found in a bowl of the chilled noodle dish called hiyashi chuka in Japan, which ordinarily looks like this:

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Twitter user CocoAmi_uetsuki, who works at the hat shop Coco & Ami, decided to fix herself a bowl of the refreshing noodles recently. Rather than just slice everything up and pile them in different sections of the bowl, though, she decided to use the dish’s ingredients to make a portrait of Yusuke.

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The character’s unique hairstyle and coloring were recreated using shredded cucumber and pickled ginger. The chest area of the jersey is made from a thin strip of fried egg, with the noodles themselves and slices of tomato for the shoulders. Ham lends a proper flesh-tone, and the facial features, right down to Yusuke’s moles on his chin and under his left eye, are made of dried seaweed.

With a lot of artistic food, diners will try to eat it in a way that preserves the image for as long as possible. Looking at CocoAmi_uetsuki’s hiyashi chukka, though, and the incredibly intricate work that brings everything together, we can’t imagine the character was at all recognizable after more than three bites, so we’re all the more thankful the talented anime fan snapped a picture to share with us all before she dug in.

Source: Entabe
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