Japan has always had a knack for taking Western ideas and turning them on their head, churning out some weird and wonderful gems in the process. So it’s not surprising that the fast food world in Japan is an absolute goldmine of unusual creations and bizarre taste sensations. From towering burgers to chocolate sauces, we take a look at some of the most mind-boggling limited edition releases we’ve seen in Japan over recent years.

1. Caviar and Lobster Burger from Wendy’s (1,280 yen [US$12.53])

007lWendy’s via AcidCow 

2. Rice Burger from MOS Burger (230-350 yen [$2.25-$3.43])

img-s2MOS Burger

3. Natsumi Lettuce Burger from MOS Burger (300-370 yen [$2.94-$3.62]).

キャ2プチャMOS Burger

4. French Cruller Guruguru Chorizo Burgerfrom MOS Burger (390 yen [$3.82])


5. Ramen Burger from Lotteria (680 yen [$6.66])


l_wk_130508lot02 Lotteria Japan

6. Kuro Ninja Burger from Burger King (690 yen [$6.75])


Burger King Japan

7. The King’s Dog from Burger King (490 yen [$4.80])

Burger King Japan

8. Windows 7 Whopper Burger from Burger King (777 yen [$7.61] for the first 30 people each day, otherwise 1,450 yen [$14.19])


Burger King via AcidCow 

9. Kit Kat and Mango Dessert Pizza from Strawberry Cones (1,630 yen [15.96])

キャプチャ3 Strawberry Cones

10. The Rodeo Burger from Burger King (690 yen [$6.75])

fast_food_06Burger King Japan

11. Colonel Bacon Potato Fritters from KFC (170 yen [$1.66])

fast_food_08Kentucky Fried Chicken via AcidCow 

12. SPAM & BLT Burger from Burger King (330 yen [$3.23])

fast_food_12Burger King via Acid Cow

13. NY Pizza Burger from Burger King (1,680 yen [$16.44])


fast_food_19Burger King Japan 

14. Taco Naan and Curry Naan from MOS Burger (360 yen, 340 yen [$3.52, $3.33])

fast_food_20MOS Burger via AcidCow

15. Mt. Fuji Burger from R Burger (1,500 yen [$14.68])

fast_food_21R Burger via AcidCow 

16. Quatro Anniversary Pizza from Domino’s Pizza (3,850 yen [$37.68])

fast_food_23Domino’s Pizza via AcidCow

17. Salty Butter Chicken Burger from MOS Burger (360 yen [$3.52])

fast_food_24MOS Burger

18. Foie Gras Rossini Burger from Wendy’s (1,280 yen [$12.53])

fast_food_26Wendy’s via AcidCow

19.Chocolate Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Burger from Lotteria (390 yen [$3.82])


20. Tsuke Potato with Ghana Milk Chocolate Dipping Sauce from Lotteria (340 yen [$3.33])

Narinari_20131205_24002_1Lotteria Japan

We hope you made it through the fast food odyssey with your arteries intact!

Source: AcidCow