All right, who’s a fan of Game of Thrones? I’ll admit straight off the bat that I didn’t watch “the most epic TV serial of the year” (I quote my friend), though I was rather tempted to when almost all my friends and colleagues were discussing it like some secret conspiracy. I would have definitely dived into it, however, if it had been an animation series!

There must be other people out there who think like me, because look at these amazing Disney-esque illustrations of characters from Game of Thrones!

Call me childish if you must, but I’d gladly choose to watch an animation series over a TV drama series any day. Brazilian artists Fernando Mendonça and Anderson Mahanski cast some Disney magic on a couple of characters from Game of Thrones and gave them the family-friendly aura we’re all familiar with in Disney animations.

▼ Tyrion Lannister by Fernando.

▼ White Walker by Fernando.10269084_243013285892994_688535724238885512_o

▼ Arya Stark and The Hound by Anderson and Fernando.10273365_243013265892996_645906141015968335_o

▼ Daenerys by Anderson.10380524_240280752832914_2262460753457347348_o

▼ Bran and Hodor by Fernando.10379753_240338122827177_2356829031344297878_o

▼ Jon Snow by Fernando.1493369_240273676166955_801894364489338223_o

▼ Cersei Lannister by Anderson.1614624_240338112827178_1695376785306393756_o

Now I really want to watch Game of Thrones (in animation)! Having not seen the series, I can’t tell for sure if these characters look like their real-life versions, so I’ll leave the verdict to you trusty Rocketeers! How do you like the Disney-fied version of Game of Thrones? Fire away in the comments section below!

To see more fabulous illustrations from the talented duo, check out their pages below:
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Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Facebook