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The thing about fluffy dogs is they look a lot bigger than they actually are. Take this little pomeranian for example – he looks more like the cousin of a rodent than a canine once he’s been robbed of his voluptuous mane. But the most interesting part of this photo is what Japanese netizens think this soggy doggy looks like.

Garnering an amazing 23,500+ retweets, Twitter user Yakisoba’s photo of her bathtub time pomeranian has been bouncing around Japanese websites for the past 24 hours. The photo comes with the following caption: “If you put a pomeranian in the bathtub, it looks exactly like torotoro kombu placed in miso soup.”

For those unfamiliar with the sea vegetable, tororo kombu are long, thin pieces of dried kombu seaweed. Here’s what tororo kombu looks like before it takes the plunge:

tororo kombu2Image: Rakuten

And here it is fully submerged:

tororo kombuImage: Rakuten

Ok, now we’re starting to see the similarities. But if Japan sees kelpy miso soup, we wonder what the rest of the world sees when viewing this poor pooch. Let us know what you seen in the comments section below! It’s our version of a Rorschach test…RocketNews24 psychologists are standing by!

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Source: Golden Times
Image: Twitter (yakisoba)