The disaster pictured above occurred in the parking area of an apartment complex in Korea this week. One witness who captured the incident on video described waking up to loud crashing noises and the carnage below, which included broken glass, various other materials strewn about the lot and a mysterious red splatter on the roof of a car parked nearby. Meanwhile, survivors stand by as if in shock of the destruction unleashed. We are left to wonder: What kind of people would willingly join into something capable of creating such chaos and violence not only to themselves but innocent people around them?

We’re talking of course about marriage. After the commotion had died down, the brave videographer asked a local security guard what happened. The guard informed him that it was a “marital dispute.”

Young unmarried civilians could only watch in horror as item after item got pitched through the small fifth story window. While disgusted by the scene, some were in awe of whichever spouse was throwing stuff so cleanly through such a small space stating they “should consider a career in baseball.”

Still, the bulk of viewer reaction was horror at the damage to the cars below including what appears to be a sweet BMW M3 parked directly under the window taking the full brunt of the matrimonial rage. The owner of this $110 million won (US$107,000) car (assuming it’s a 2014) should be undoubtedly happy to find that some footage of the incident could be used as evidence for their inevitable lawsuit.

To all you youngsters out there reading this: If anyone should approach you and ask you to take part in an outdated radical ideological union called “holy matrimony,” just say “no” and walk away. It could be anyone, even your parents… actually especially your parents. These so-called “married people” hate your freedoms and will do anything they can to destroy them. And to the governments, we ask that you declare a War on Marriage so that we can globally end this cycle of hate once and for all. Thank you.

Source: Otonari Soku (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – ThisNiang  T