We guess the weather must have been really hot in China as of late. Just last week we reported news of a woman strutting about in lingerie at a marketplace, but someone else managed to outdo her bold stunt.

A woman was found taking a nap stark naked at an open plaza in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Some concerned citizens nearby tried to cover her up, but got shooed away instead!

The woman was sighted at around 9:40AM on May 27, sleeping in the nude at a cultural plaza in Gaobu Town in Dongguan. She had one arm over her eyes, perhaps to block out the rays of the sun. Her undergarments and slippers were strewn untidily a couple of feet away from where she lay.


The unusual sight gathered curious glances of passers-by. Bothered by the unnecessary skin exposure, some kind-hearted citizens took down an advertising banner and attempted to cover her with it, but the canvas sheet was angrily shoved away by the woman.


Soon after, the police received reports and came by to investigate. It was only when the police showed up that the woman languidly got up and calmly put on her underwear, before exiting the plaza. Witnesses commented that the woman didn’t appear to be suffering from any mental disorders, and there has been speculation that her unusual behavior could have been caused by emotional distress.

Dongguan is also known for its notorious reputation as the “sex capital of China”, no thanks to its densely populated red-light district that boasts a workforce of as many as 800,000 employees. Though it isn’t clear whether the woman in question is part of said workforce, this incident gives us the idea that the social norms in the “sin city” could be slightly different from that of the rest of China!

Source/Images: ETtoday
Reference: Wikipedia