Like any big city, Tokyo has its fair share of interesting characters. And it seems like one of our favorites, the mysterious Japanese Twitter user “Straddling a potty in a red leotard,” whom we have affectionately dubbed “Mr. Leotard,” is up to his usual public hijinks (read up on him here if you’re not familiar with his usual escapades).

This time, he’s taken to the streets of Machida, Tokyo, to pose as…an insect?! 

On Saturday morning Mr. Leotard took to his Twitter account with the following announcement:

▼”Today I went out to Machida.”


Of course, when Mr. Leotard goes out, he doesn’t JUST go out; he goes ALL out. Passersby in the area were barely able to contain their giggles when they arrived at the station to discover the following sight:


Here he is from a couple of different angles as shared by Twitter users:



So what on earth was Mr. Leotard doing? Well, your guess is as good as ours, but some netizens commented on how he resembled a cicada clinging to a pole. Whether he was producing the incessant droning that Japanese cicadas in the summer are famous for remains to be seen. He must have awfully strong legs, though…

Some other comments from the web:

“We’ve finally had an encounter with the unknown!”

“He’s not wearing red today…”

“I want to go to Machida Station now.”

“But it’s not summer yet!”

“If he’s a cicada, that means he’s only got seven more days to live…”

“It looks like he just molted.”

“Man, I love this guy.”

We’d have to agree with that last one, because at the very least he never fails to bring a smile to our faces. We’re looking forward to his next public stunt!

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter