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Now, one thing we can tell you for sure is that we here at RocketNews24 never get tired of appreciating cute sweets, whether they’re Totoro macaroons or cat paw marshmallows. This time, we’ve found a series of delightful GIF images that show adorable Rilakkuma treats actually being created. And what makes it particularly fun is that the sweets aren’t made in a fancy pastry shop or cafe; they’re made with what looks like a relatively simple kit that anyone can use at home! The results, nonetheless, are certainly cute enough to brighten your day. Just take a look for yourself!

Here are the GIF images from Japanese information and picture compilation blog Agohige Kaizokudan which show the cute confections — filled with little sweet treats, no less — actually being made.

▼First you draw in Rilakkuma’s face with what appears to be chocolate sauce. It looks like you can’t mess up too badly here even if you’re not artistically inclined, since you’re just following the lines.kuma 1

▼You fill the silicone container with the creamy material that makes up the outer casing. kuma 2

▼Once the material has hardened, you have an adorable Rilakkuma face! kuma 3

▼You repeat the process of creating the outer casing ….kuma 4

▼… and now you have the material for two hollow Rilakkumas!kuma 5

▼This might be the part that’s the most fun — getting together the small chocolates and other sweet tidbits that you want to put inside. kuma 6

▼Fill the bears with all the sweet goodies — yum! — and then seal them.kuma 7

▼Tie ribbons around them to add a little decoration, and there, you have your own home-made Rilakkuma treats — simply adorable!kuma 8

The writer who introduced these pictures on the Agohige Kaizokudan blog had given the article the title “I seriously want this Rilakkuma sweets making kit!” and we have to say we absolutely share that sentiment. Unfortunately, though, we weren’t able to find this exact kit despite searching through the Internet. If we had, we would have seriously been tempted to get one and make some of these sweets ourselves!

Well, regardless, we’re absolutely delighted with the images, which certainly are the next best thing to actually making and eating such cute treats. We hope the pictures leave you with plenty of “sweet” dreams!

Source and images: Agohige Kaizokudan blog