Among the myriad colorful subcultures Japan has, anime and cosplay are definitely the more prominent of those that have mesmerized fans across the globe. I don’t know if you think the same, but I think that cosplayers are some of the most passionate people I personally know. Regardless of how bulky their props or how skimpy their costumes are, they’re always ready to strike a pose for the camera.

We’re sure many of you have seen beautiful girls dressed in revealing skin-baring cosplay outfits posing in compromising positions. However, we often forget that sexy cosplays are not just for girls. Serbian artist Borivoje Naumovski reminds us that male cosplayers can be very sexy too! Ladies (and gentlemen), feast your eyes on possibly the hottest Erwin Smith cosplay we’ve seen!

(Semi-NSFW pics after the jump)

Borivoje Naumovski is a 32-year-old artist, YouTuber and cosplayer from Serbia. When he’s not in his cosplay mode, he usually looks like this…

Now that we’re done with the brief introduction, are you ready for Borivoje’s mind-blowing Attack on Titan cosplay? Be sure you’re not viewing this in a public place where people can spy on your screen from behind, because you wouldn’t want a crowd of people drooling behind you.

▼ Meet Erwin Smith, Commander of the Survey Corps.





▼ Borivoje posing with his friend Damien. We guess we don’t have to tell you who they’re cosplaying, do we?


▼ Behind the scenes. Apparently it takes about 20 minutes to put on the harness.


All right, that’s all for now. We’re guessing some of you might need a bucket of ice after seeing those photos, so we shan’t hold you back. But before we end this post, if you’ve enjoyed Borivoje’s cosplay, hop over to his pages and give him a shoutout!

Borivoje Orinosuke Funakoshi Naumovski on YouTube | Tumblr | Facebook | DeviantArt | Instagram | Twitter

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Borivoje Naumovski on Tumblr