Owls are the cutest things with feathers this side of baby penguins tripping over their own feet. Even people who don’t like birds love owls–they’re just that freaking adorable. If we had to guess, we’d say it’s probably their enormous eyes, soft feathers, and ability to sit and stare for hours on end. Normally that would be creepy, but like cats, that predatory stare of “what shall I eat today?” is purely lovable when you know they’re (probably) not thinking about eating human face meat.

But have you ever wondered just how patient an owl can be? While a cat will sleep in your lap (or under your keyboard), one wrong move and it’s claws-in-flesh time. So how about our feathered friends?

Well, it turns out that owls are far, far more patient than most cats are! For example, this owl, named Satsuma, just will just sit on its owners hand as he scribbles away on a Wacom pad, staring intently at the tablet. And probably judging, because with eyes that big, you’re bound to notice all the imperfections. You can almost hear Satsuma tutting in the video below, “You call that a nose? Are you blind, human?!”

Just take a look for yourself. We dare you not to whisper “kawaii” at the unruffled birdie.

▼”Yes, yes, I’m so cute. Now gimme a mouse!”

The digital illustrator, who goes by the user name Noantica, regularly uploads videos and photos of Satsuma to his YouTube and Twitter pages, showing off the placid bird. Apparently Noantica is a fan of unusual pets–you can also find videos of a pet snake and lizards as well. But, seriously, who wants to look at a snake when you have those giant, dew-drop eyes to stare into all night?

As cute as Satsuma is, it would seem that he may be a little too patient and willing to be carried around all day. Judging from other tweets from the owl’s owner, the owl has even been put on a diet to help him lose some weight…

▼Apparently owls have to watch their weight sometimes, too…
“The diet was a success! Even the sound of Satsuma landing somehow seems quieter.”

Don’t worry, Satsuma, we think you’re adorable no matter what you weigh!

Be sure to follow Noantica on Twitter and YouTube for more cute owl antics.

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Images: YouTube