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With a shortage of flat, buildable land leading to high prices for real estate, Japan is a crowded country. In homes, it’s not entirely unusual for rooms to serve dual or triple purposes, with fold-up tables and futons helping to transform living rooms into dining rooms, and later dining rooms into bedrooms.

Smaller houses and apartment buildings don’t just mean less space for human residents, though, but for pets too, as can be seen in this photo of a dog that got trapped running around its yard.

Trying to fully utilize what little space you have in Japan often forces landowners to build right up to the property line. That seems to be what happened here, with a low-lying structure of some sort placed almost directly against a fence.

“Almost” is the operative word here, as there was just enough wiggle space for this pooch to wedge himself into the crack. Sadly, there wasn’t enough room for him to turn around or get the leverage necessary to push himself out, and the poor guy ended up stuck, which is where one netizen apparently discovered him.

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Twitter user Mutsuki, who lives in the neighborhood and just happened to be passing by, discovered the dog stuck between the building and fence looking awkward but not especially upset. Mutsuki was able to pry the animal free, and thankfully it seems to have suffered no injuries during its ordeal.

There’s no word as to just what enticed the pet down this path in the first place, but this serves as a reminder that if curiosity can kill the cat, it can just as easily ensnare the dog. Here’s hoping the animal’s owner is already making changes to the garden’s layout to prevent this from happening again.

Source: Jin
Images: Twitter