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Reusable, renewable energy is the holy grail of the modern age and the world needs the best and the brightest to find effective sources of it. With that in mind, some of the world’s biggest organizations hold events for the up-and-coming to showcase their ideas for a better tomorrow, and at the Google Science Fair this year one young “Tony Stark” from the Philippines has unleashed a brilliant idea on the world that is getting everyone’s attention: footwear that generates electricity.

Angelo Casimiro, a 15-year-old from the Philippines, submitted his project called “Electricity Generating Footwear” at the fair. He realized how much people are walking or running on a daily basis and thought, “Why not harness the energy that we produce through walking and turn it into a renewable energy source?”

So, what are the specifics of his project? There already exist devices that are placed in the soles of one’s shoes and can connect to smart watches, iPhones and other electronic gizmos. What Angelo wants is to use the force of a person’s footsteps to create energy that is sent to a battery equipped with a USB outlet that can then charge other small electronic devices.

Angelo estimates that a person takes about 7,000 steps a day – more than enough to generate a small amount of energy. He also calculated, though, that a person jogging for eight hours would create only about a quarter of the amount of energy needed to fully charge an iPhone 5.

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“So what’s the point, then?” you ask. The young creator feels that with so many in the Philippines living in poverty – often without clean water or a source of electricity – a device that could power something as simple as a flashlight purely through one’s movements could mean the world.

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Angelo has submitted his idea to the Google Science Fair for 2014 and is already receiving a heap of comments online and support to continue his projects and continue being creative. He is quite active in the online community, posting his work to He hopes to become an engineer in the future and furthers his interests by competing in national robotics competitions, competitions he has won in the past.

If only every 15-year-old was this motivated to contribute to renewable energy like Angelo, perhaps we’d all be flying around with our self-powered jetpacks by now!

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Source: Gizmodo JP
Images: YouTube (ASCAS)