Girls just wanna have fun. Some time ago, Japanese high school “funny girl” Reika Oozeki entertained us with her hilarious Vine videos showing the difference between how girls behave when they’re with their boyfriends and with their friends.

If you had a good laugh at Reika’s cranky acts, you’ll probably enjoy the exaggerated actions of these Chinese school girls too! Check them out after the jump!

The comical GIFs of two Chinese school girls have been quite the topic on Weibo. Chinese netizens have even gotten around to calling them “mad girls” because of their intriguing behavior. Unlike Reika’s Vine videos, these GIFs don’t have sounds, but that didn’t stop them from tickling the Internet’s funny bone!

Girl #1 “specializes” in doing everyday actions with a hyper boost of energy. She’s so hyper that some netizens started wondering if she’s high on drugs or if she’s mentally unsound. However, most of the people who left comments on Weibo preferred to look on the bright side and were thoroughly amused by her explosive reactions. Some even raved about how cute she is, wishing to have a girlfriend like her!

▼ Doing the Gwiyomi dance (a popular Korean cutesy song/dance)output_wZwiFq

▼ This.. this is so good! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!output_X890ox

▼ Did she watch too much Nodame Cantabile?output_J5HfQt

▼ First the piano, now the guitar. She’s a talented girl all right!output_5q0QYb

▼ Miley… Cyrus? The kids around her (presumably her family members?) seem really used to her crazy antics.output_Qkup1G

▼ No treadmill at home? No problem! Just go shopping!output_rqrOJi

▼ Kids, do not try this. (Adults too, actually.)output_r5mHks

Girl #2 takes on a different humorous approach. She mimics and shows the difference in behavior of different types of Chinese youths. Like how Japan likes to categorize guys and girls (carnivorous guy, sausage bread guy, marshmallow girl, etc.), China has their own trend of categorizing young people. The most commonly seen comparisons are between a normal youth, artistic youth and 2B youth, with the latter referring to a youth who is fond of doing crazy stuff to stand out from the rest.

▼ Example of the pastime of a normal youth (普通青年), artistic youth (文艺青年), and 2B youth (2B青年).

▼ How young people of different categories carry their school bag.output_NMzaj4

▼ The different ways of wearing the collar of one’s jersey jacket.output_vB53X3

▼ Walking patterns of the three different types of youths.output_IX0fA7

▼ Even something like tying your laces can reveal your character?output_ZLBJvU

▼ Getting creative with something as simple as wearing a mask. Way to go!output_3ReIiN

▼ A goddess, a normal youth, a youth with lots of boogers, and a 2B youth looking back.output_mAjkSH

▼ Comparison of a normal girl, a cutesy girl and a sassy girl sitting on the field.output_nhZYox

▼ And when you’ve run out of human things to compare, impersonate gorillas.output_kzOmW3

We initially thought it was just one girl pulling off all those funny acts, but upon closer observation, their school jerseys differ in design although both uniforms are of the same color. So… unless the school changed the design of their jersey or the young lady switched schools, they’re probably two different “mad girls” despite their similar uniforms and haircut. We’re not complaining though! The more the merrier!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Weibo (1, 2), Wang Yi Lun Tan