flight attendant brazil world cup jersey4

Team Japan’s female fans have already shown us how to wear the mighty Samurai Blue jersey the cutest way, but if online reaction is anything to go by, these Chinese flight attendants get a hat trick in style. Their special World Cup in-flight service has been pleasing passengers and netizens alike.

Their choice of jersey may seem odd, until you realize China’s men’s team is ranked 103rd in FIFA’s rankings, just one spot behind Equatorial Guinea. With no home jersey to don for the World-Cup-themed in-flight service, the lovely ladies of Lucky Air, a domestic Chinese airline based in Yunnan Province, have chosen to wear the hosting team’s yellow and green kits.

flight attendant brazil world cup jersey3

flight attendant brazil world cup jersey

▼ We have a feeling mini-skirt soccer would be a hit.flight attendant brazil world cup jersey2

▼ This little boy seems to approve of the special outfits.flight attendant brazil world cup jersey5

▼ And there’s Fuleco in the background, the official armadillo mascot of the 2014 World Cup. But no one’s really paying attention to him.flight attendant brazil world cup jersey6

▼ Are you sure these are real flight attendants? They’re just so beautiful!flight attendant brazil world cup jersey7

Japanese netizens have shown their fondness for #10 and online reports claim the overhead compartments have been redecorated with World Cup images and game schedules. But for some reason, when we try to search for photos of the interior of the plane, we keep getting bombarded with more photos of Lucky Air’s flight attendants…strange.

Source: XINHUA via Toychan