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Last week, we shared the story of a dog that managed to get itself comically stuck in a suburban garden. Now, the trend of animals in Japan wedging themselves into tight spaces continues with this compacted kitty.

But whereas the Shiba Inu we saw before had to be rescued by a passerby, what looks like a harrowing predicament is actually all part of the cat’s ingenious plan.

Twitter user Bozu Atama snapped this picture, and while the cat does look rather subdued, it’s not because it’s tired itself out trying to escape and given up hope of surviving. On the contrary, its right where it wants to be, as Bozu Atama explains it can freely hop in and out of that gap.

But even if it can work itself into that position, why would it? Is it waiting for a helpful human to come by and trim its protruding belly fur? Is this the culmination of a complex, infrastructure-heavy plan to smack people in the face with its tail?

Actually, it’s a clever way to beat the heat, as those shady, steel plates are staying nice and cool even as the temperature starts to rise.

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It looks like the trick is working perfectly, and along with the other cat that’s learned to lounge in a chair, we’d say Japan’s felines are well on their way to mastering all the skills they need to handle Japan’s notoriously hot and humid summer. We figure it’s only a matter of time until their palates evolve and they develop cravings for such refreshing treats as watermelon and Gari Gari-kun popsicles.

▼ Plus ice-cold Ebisu beer, of course.

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Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter
Top image: Twitter
Insert image: Gurunavi