The convenience store racket in Japan is fierce business with many shops jockeying for the top spot. Perhaps this was only in my local area, but about one or two years ago one of Japan’s biggest chains, FamilyMart, made an impressively bold Micheal Corleone-style house cleaning and began knocking off AM-PM and Sunkus outlets like modern-day Moe Greens and Emilio Barzinis and making them their own with a killer combination of great fried chicken and enthusiastic staff.

Now it’s gotten to the point that seeing FamilyMart’s green, blue and white signage is as common a sight as a traffic light when walking through the streets. It’s become so popular, in fact. that people are beginning to see links to other things – things such as the Republic of Sierra Leone.

First, let’s take a look at the FamilyMart logo. It’s three horizontal stripes of green, white, and blue with the name written in the same blue hue.

According to the FamilyMart website, this green and blue is highly identifiable to the public. They seem to ignore the existence of white, presumably writing it off as negative space.

They go on to say that blue represents urban life, intelligence, hope and freedom, whereas the green symbolizes nature, a fresh feeling, youthfulness, and cleanliness. Also, the blue is considered to be a “gushing fountain” while green is a “standing tree” which together gives the image of a comfortable environment. Quite.

Now let’s move to the other side of the world to the Western Africa nation of Sierra Leone. They have a flag with three horizontal bars. The green bar is meant to represent the country’s natural resources, the white symbolizes unity and justice, and the blue has a double meaning of world peace and the capital of Freetown’s harbors.

Just to drive the point home let’s do a side by side comparison.

Now, what have we learned from this?


Well, whenever logic and critical thinking fail me, I’m left with no choice but to blame the illuminati. But what clandestine plot are these overlords concocting with this connection between a convenience store and constitutional republic? Could FamilyMart be a cover for some underground diamond laundering system, or even worse could Sierra Leone be funneling illegal onigiri out of Japan? One can only wonder.

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Top Image: Facebook – FamilyMart
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Family Mart Sign Image: RocketNews24