Kirin Sekai no Kitchen soft drink beverage, 世界のキッチン, 1:48 scale miniature figures, stop-motion animation

Back in April, we ran an article on mind-bogglingly tiny kitchens in a bottle. Now, Japanese beverage giant Kirin has gone a step further in another animated short that promotes their soft-drink line, “Sekai no Kitchen Kara” (“From the World’s Kitchens”). Though the multi-brand company is best known for their beers, this yummy non-alcoholic collection emerged after test-kitchen staff visited numerous countries’ bustling kitchens, which are undoubtedly a treasure trove of family traditions and culinary wisdom.

So before you write this off as mere marketing, check out the company’s imaginative stop-motion creation, which amazingly combines 1:48-scale miniature figures with video footage playing on a smartphone screen! Along the way, learn a bit more about this line of libations and the Moroccan tradition that inspired Kirin’s latest drink, “Sparkling Water.”

This particular stop-motion film lasts for less than a minute, but one can imagine the painstaking work involved; by slowly changing not only the figures but also the footage on the phone screen, a man appears to be walking through the city of Marrakech, past pink walls and blue alleyways, back to his home’s kitchen. 3-D printing technology aided in fabricating these miniscule characters, who are probably no taller than a match.

▼ The mini-man walks past the orange juice carts of Jemaa el-Fnaa.

miniature figure stop-motion animation, Jemaa el-Fnaa, Marrakech, Marrakesh, Morocco, Jamaa el Fna, Djemaa, Djema

▼ A real-life passerby gets Gumby-fied!

miniature 1/48 1:48 scale figure stop-motion animation, Marrakesh Marrakech, Morocco, man walking in marketplace

▼ A total of 200-plus figures were used because for each character, at least six separate and slightly different models were necessary (no posable joints here!).

If you’re as charmed by the miniature kitchen as I am, then check out the official Special Contents site. After clicking on the bottle to zoom in, have fun twirling it around for a 360° view and if a plus sign appears as you hover your cursor over certain areas, click it for more stop-motion action!

▼ This is beyond Lilliput, my friends.

Kirin Sekai no Kitchen kara 世界のキッチンから Morocco bottle, miniature 1:48 scale figures, distill orange blossom water

All this was for Kirin’s new beverage, “Sparkling Water”, a refreshing soda that’s delicately flavored with elder-flower water and lemon peel. The idea was born after folks from Kirin’s test kitchen visited their 13th country, Morocco,  where they were moved by the lengthy, rewarding process of making home-distilled flower waters.

▼ This lady keeps alive the family tradition of making various scented waters. For the orange blossom water, she gathers flowers from the bitter orange tree every spring and makes a year’s worth. Then she uses it in desserts, drinks, and even meat dishes, as well as for scenting pillows and washing hands.

Kirin Sekai no Kitchen Kara 世界のキッチンから woman mom cooking, Marrakech, Marrakesh, Morocco

▼ The setup of the three-tier copper still, called a katara, that’s vital to the process:

home-distilling copper still katara, Morocco, Moroccan orange blossom flower rose water, Kirin Sekai no Kitchen

The commercial below gives a glimpse of the still (did you spot it outside the kitchen in the bottle?). And if you’re curious about the drink’s taste, the product is available on (though for now, you’d have to buy a case of 24).

Other drinks from the “World’s Kitchen” line include the Lemon Peel and Honey, created after researchers learned the art of limoncello-making in southern Italy, and the Berry and White Chocolate Latte that took its cue from the many berry recipes of Finland. The Salt and Litchi (Lychee), which was the focus of the past RN24 article, was inspired by a Thai mom’s seasonal fruit dessert called loy gaaeo. On its Special Contents site, zoom in on the bottle and then click on the various plus signs for many cool extras!

▼ Such as… flowing water, people!

Kirin Sekai no Kitchen Kara 世界のキッチンから salt and litchi lychee, miniature kitchen in bottle, dollhouse, water faucet

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