With all the updates in the field of robotics, it becomes more and more a possibility that one day they will rise up and overthrow their human creators. After years of washing our hair or serving our food, once their AI reaches the point where they realize we’re a bunch of jerks to them the human race will be in a bit of a pickle. And it’s images like the one above taken at an unnamed Japanese university that are sure to make the machines come to such realization.

The photo above shows six or so cute little yellow robots crammed into a cage with slouched shoulders and wide-eyed expressions asking, “why did you ever create us if this was what you were going to do?” To add insult to injury the sign above the cage reads “Industrial Waste – Useless Items.”


These little guys are called Wakamaru and are “communication robots” designed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. They are robots first created about a decade ago which can interact with humans. They are the precursor to SoftBank’s upcoming domestic robot Pepper and mercifully less chatty.

Initially Wakamaru was sold to households where it could greet you, tell you the weather, remind you to take your medicine and other daily things. Currently Mitsubishi rents them out to events where they serve as novelty greeters.

So why would this university simply toss away six of these yellow haro-headed robots? The answer is not clear but being a university we can’t rule out the possibility that they were experimented on or harvested for parts.

Several humans who saw the tweeted image were greatly touched and reached out with cries of “I’ll take them!” and “I want one.” Many others were chilled by the picture comparing it to something out of a horror movie. And then there were those who saw deeper into the implications of the scene saying, “This is where the robot revolt begins” and “Skynet’s not going to like this.”

This is without a doubt a blow to human/robot relations but perhaps there is still time to mend ties. So next time you see a robot remember: make robot love, not robot war. Then start rubbing up against it – for our children!

Source: Twitter via Hamusoku (Japanese)