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Controversial calls during the World Cup are about as unexpected as Kanye West hysterically ranting on Twitter; that is to say, it happens a lot.  But when it comes to contested fouls in this year’s tournament, here’s one where the argument that it was bogus may just have some… legs! Get it?

At first glance, there didn’t seem to be anything fishy about the stoppage time foul against Greek striker Giorgos Samaras that gave up a penalty kick to the Greeks and sealed their win over Ivory Coast. Most early coverage of the game seems to make no mention of the controversial call, but when fans – who appear to oftentimes be more attentive than game officials – started posting replay footage online, some started to wonder whether Samaras actually tripped over his own feet and wasn’t fouled at all.

UPDATE: additional footage now reveals that there was in fact contact between the two players, with Samaras’ foot catching on the Ivory Coast player’s leg. Watch the bottom-right corner in the following Vine carefully:

Vine by Goooooal

Original article follows:

With so much at stake, it makes sense that even honest players are going to occasionally try to milk the lightest touch from an opposing player to possibly squeeze an advantage out of it. But many soccer fans gripe that FIFA’s refusal to have refs consult replay footage when plays are contested – a process many other modern sports (ahem, American football) adopted quite some time ago – ruins a lot of otherwise well-played games.

Japanese commenters seemed especially miffed at the call, perhaps because Greece played in Japan’s same group and there’s some lingering sense of rivalry after Japan got knocked out of the tournament today. Or, it could be that Japanese fans are paying extra attention to other teams as they feel out which one they’re going to root for now. You can’t make excuses to get drunk at 6 am without an active team to follow, after all.

Source: Footballnet
Photo: Vine